Registered Service Address

The benefits of having a Professional Registered Office Address

The Registered Office service is for use on Companies House.

It is a requirement of every company within England and Wales to have a Registered Office address; It can be your home address or a Virtual Office address.
The benefit of using our service is that your residential address is not displayed for the public to view and your Registered Office will show as a respected and sought after Canary Wharf location.
Mail included with this service is Companies House, HMRC, Government Gateway, Pensions fund, ICO, IPO, and the Office of National Statistics.

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What is included?

  Permission to use our address on Companies House for your Registered Office Address.

  Government Mail in the name of the company includes (Companies House, HMRC, Government Gateway, Pensions fund, ICO, IPO and Office for National Statistics).

  Mail will be Digitally scanned free of charge.