a. The mail will be scanned by our digital scanning team FREE OF CHARGE. We will encrypt these attachments and all emails from us will include a unique number that identifies you.

b. If you do not want your letter to be scanned to you, we can post them by Royal Mail. However, this must be arranged with a member of our team. ( please check our postage costs here )

c. Your scanned mail will be securely shredded the next working day. If you require the hard copy, it is your responsibility to contact us either by phone or email requesting this.

d. Un-scannable items (credit cards, cheques, booklets etc.) will be sent via Royal Mail 1st Class delivery and charged at our postage prices which you can view here .

e. We are not liable for any mail or parcels that are lost, damaged, stolen or delayed.

f. We aim to scan all mail within 24 hours of receiving it in our office; however, we will not be liable to any costs due to delays, loss, or damage to any, and all letters and parcels.

g. You understand that you cannot collect any mail from the office unless scheduled prior with a Future Formations team member.

h. If the customer does not have a credit balance, then the mail is scanned. We will not hold onto any correspondence in the office that belongs to the customer.

i. We will handle and send parcels as defined by Royal Mail, weighing 2.0 kg and not larger than L30 cm x W21,5 cm x H45 cm.

j. Any parcel received by Royal Mail will be posted as the default unless you contact us and request otherwise; this will be charged by Royal Mail postage x 3.

k. We are not responsible for any mail/parcels once it has left our office for postage. We will not be liable for any costs incurred due to loss or damage to any and all mail/parcels and will urge you to contact the courier company or Royal Mail.

l. We will accept parcels up to 10KG as long as the customer has a credit postage account or credit card on account. We will arrange shipment/courier where possible. The customer is responsible for any customs charges should the parcels be going abroad.

m. Failure of such notification will lead to parcel rejection. A storage surcharge of £2.00 per day per item will be attracted for parcels over the given size.

n. If you expect to receive extensive, bulky, or heavy items (not more than 10 kg), we must be notified either by phone or email before the expected delivery date.

o. We do not store or hold parcels. The parcel will be sent to your forwarding address via courier or Royal Mail using the funds on your account. If you have no funds on your account, we will charge your debit/credit card linked to the account. If you have no card linked to your account, we will manually invoice you. This invoice needs to be paid within 24 hours; failure to do so will result in all further parcels for you will be rejected.

p. You shall notify us, in writing, of any change of address or contact details at the soonest opportunity. Any mail sent to the incorrect forwarding address due to not updating your details will not be our responsibility. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your service if we are unable to contact you appropriately.