Complete Virtual Office (Bespoke)

A Bespoke Complete Virtual Office template, which allows you to uniquely create what is needed to boost your company image and business productivity. It combines our prominent Canary Wharf Registered Office Address,  Officers Service Address, Business/Trading Address, Telephone Answering Service as well as a voicemail services.

We want to help you run your business without the hassle of operating expenses of a physical office. Choose from our extensive list of products and services we offer to create a virtual office exclusive to you.

Telephone Answering Service

For businesses that cannot afford to miss a call. We provide affordable Telephone Answering Service that will help you capture every opportunity. Our managed telephone answering service professionally greets your callers every time, allowing you and your team to prioritise whom you speak to and allowing you to focus on what’s important. Manage calls at peak times or during staff absence.

Great flexibility for sole traders and enterprise clients alike.

Go to our order form and free up your time and ensure you never miss a call.

Voicemail Only Service

If you do not need your calls to be answered but still want that London Landline number, why not go for our Voicemail Only service. We have managed to keep prices as low as possible on these.

The Voicemail only service is an ideal way to reach more customers or expand your social circle. With 24/7 service, you can be sure that you will get each message instantly. We will offer you a prestigious London number to boost your image, and you will be able to personalise your own greeting, instead of having the standard boring one that most Voicemail providers are offering. Or you can have a professional greeting recorded for you.