WISE – The only business bank account to grow your company globally.

The multi-currency online banking offers receiving and transferring money to 10 different countries, as well as online and in store payments

✔️ Bulk Payments, up to 1000 employees at once

✔️ Futures of regular bank – IBAN, sort code, routing number.

✔️ Quick Invoice payment to more than 70 countries

✔️ 13x cheaper than regular currency exchange services

✔️ Regulated by FCA - Financial Conduct Authority

✔️ Secure Transactions

✔️ Multi-currency debit cards for business purposes

✔️ Instant money transfer in between accounts

Wise Advantages

Wise has everything that you need to grow your business internationally. Not only the cheapest conversion rate, quick payments to multi-currency accounts, but also offers adding, holding, and converting money according to your business needs. The features that Wise offer are endless, so why don’t you make use out of it? Click on the below Icon to start your application