Verify your Identity

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Proof of ID and address document checklist

Under Customer Due Diligence, we must check proof of ID and Proof of Address for all UK and non-UK customers who use our address services.

This ensures we are compliant with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

Failure to supply these documents within 14 calendar days will result in your service being terminated.

Activating your service:

To activate and use our service we require you to complete an online verification, we will send you instructions on how to do this; please check your junk folder in case the e-mail is in there.

How does the Online ID Validation software work?

This process will take no more than 5 minutes.

Once we have received the names of all the beneficiaries that need to be verified we will send out invites, log into the online portal and upload the documents; please ensure it is only documents that we accept as failure to do this will delay the process.

Please note: Your account will not be activated until we have received and verified everyone’s identity.

Therefore, you cannot use our service until you receive confirmation that your account has been activated.

If we receive mail before the account has been activated, we will have to return this to the sender.

What documents are required?

You must provide one of each of the following from the proof of ID and proof of residential address document list.

  • Proof of ID (one of the following):
  • Valid Passport
  • Photocard Driving Licence
  • National Identity card
  • HM Forces identity card
  • Current student card
  • Employee identification card
  • Disables driver’s blue card
  • Proof of Residential Address (one of the following): dated with the last three months
  • Utility Bill (Gas, Electric or Water)
  • Telephone bill (Mobile phone bills are not accepted)
  • Council Tax Bill
  • Bank/ Building Society Statement
  • TV Licence
  • HM Revenue and Customs Letter/Notice of Coding
  • Letter from Benefits Agency
  • Mortgage statement
  • Valid insurance certificate
  • Payslip
  • P45 or P60
  • Financial statement, e.g. endowment, pension
  • Current benefit book or letter from the benefits agency
  • Proof of accommodation
  • The Proof of Residential Address document must:
  • Be dated within the last three months
  • Except for document as Council tax bill and TV license, we accept a document from the current year.
  • Show the account holder/company officer’s name and residential address
  • Be written in English or accompanied by an English translation (by an Official Sworn Translator)

If you would like more information, please contact our customer engagement team who would be delighted to assist you further.

Email us: [email protected]

Call us: 0207 781 8033