Same Name and Sensitive words

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You cannot register a limited company name at Companies House if the name is deemed the "same as" another limited company on the register at Companies House.

  • The following restrictions and requirements must be taken into account when choosing a company name:
  • It must be unique – it cannot be the same as or too like the name of an existing company
  • If you are forming a Limited company it must end with ‘Limited’ or ‘LTD’.
  • Certain characters, signs, symbols, and punctuation are not permitted.
  • It cannot suggest a connection with HM Government, a devolved government or administration, or a specified public authority.
  • Permission is required if it includes any sensitive words or expressions.
  • It should not be offensive or include offensive words.
  • It can only contain a maximum of 180 characters.
  • You must not include ‘www’ at the beginning.

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