Reactivate a dissolved company!

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Can I reactivate a dissolved company?

Yes! A dissolved company has been closed down and struck off the register at Companies House, and its cash and assets will be transferred to The Crown. In order to get this money back, you will need to go through a process known as a company restoration.

How do I reinstate a dissolved company?

You can apply for administrative restoration with Future Formations. To do this, you need to:

• make a payment of £500 for the restoration.
• Any outstanding documents, like accounts or confirmation statements, need to be filed.
• Any filing fees or penalty payments need to be paid.

Can HMRC restore a dissolved company?

Depending on the situation of deregistration, you may be able to restore your company. You can do so in two ways:


• Applying for reinstatement through Future Formations
• Apply to the court to order to reinstate the company.

Suppose HMRC has reason to believe that the tax obligations of your dissolved company are not in order. In that case, they can apply to the court to restore the business to the Companies House register before carrying out a full investigation.

When am I able to reactivate my company?

You can apply to reinstate the company, if:

• You were a director or shareholder.
• It was struck off the register and dissolved by the Registrar of Companies within the last six years.
• If the company was trading at the time it was dissolved.
Please note that if the company was dissolved voluntarily by the directors, they could not apply for administrative company restoration - they have to apply for restoration by a court order.

How do I restore a Company by court order?

In such situations, the only alternative is to apply to reinstate a company by a Court Order. Restoring a company this way is more complicated and time-consuming. You should seek legal guidance before starting this.

Can you register a company name that has been dissolved?

Yes, you can.
A dissolved company has been struck off the register at Companies House, and they are not active. That means an independent or existing company can register a dissolved company and use the same name again.

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