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Generic or a bespoke Memorandum & Article

Both a memorandum of association and the articles of association are required for a company formed in the UK under the Companies Act 2006 and previous Companies Acts.

The memorandum of association is the document that sets up the company and the articles of association set out how the company is run, governed, and owned.

The articles of association include the directors' responsibilities and powers and how the members exert control over the board of directors. There are written rules about running the company agreed by the shareholders or guarantors, directors, and the company secretary.

Generic Memorandum & Article

This is a basic document which you need to have when you register a company by Companies house.

You can choose the Generic Memorandum & Article in your application on our webpage;
You need to ensure that the box is ticked for "Generic Memorandum and Articles of Association" and it doesn't cost you anything.

Bespoke Memorandum & Article

You need to create the Bespoke Memorandum articles by yourself if you want to restrict or enhance directors' powers, issue more than one class of share, or alter the rights attached to Ordinary shares.

  • For example:
  • - The Model articles for companies limited by shares are only suitable if you issue only Ordinary shares that provide equal rights to all shareholders.
    - If you wish to form the company with your Bespoke custom Articles of Association, you can make this when completing the Future Formations application.

You need to ensure that the box is ticked for "I will provide my own Bespoke Memorandum and Articles of Association".

If you cannot create the document, please contact an accountant who can help you, but this will be an additional cost for you.


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