Make your company Dormant

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A dormant company is a company that has been incorporated at Companies House but is not currently carrying on any kind of business activity or receiving any form of income.

A company can be dormant from the date of its incorporation, or it can become dormant after a period of trading.

Your company is usually dormant for Corporation Tax if it:

- Has stopped trading and has no other income, for example, investments
- Is a new limited company that hasn't started trading
- Is an unincorporated association or club owing less than £100.00 Corporation Tax
- Is a flat management company

You can tell HMRC your company's dormant over the phone or by post.
You will still need to file a Company Tax Return online - this will show HMRC that your company is dormant for this period.
Anything that's left will go to the Crown - you'll have to restore the company to get anything back.
You must still file annual accounts and a confirmation statement every 12 months.


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