Issue new Shares

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If you want to create more shares instead of transferring existing ones, you must increase your company's share capital.

You can do this by allotting new shares.

To allot new shares, existing members will need to waive pre-exemption rights on the allotment of shares.

The prospective members should deliver a letter of application to the company.

If required by the articles, the board of directors (or members) must approve the allotment and record it in the members' register.


Return of allotment' must then be completed with the following information:

  • Company name
  • Company Number
  • The dates of the allotments
  • Class, currency, and number of shares allotted
  • The nominal value of each unit
  • Amount paid, or due to be paid, per share
  • Details of any non-cash considerations (payments), if appropriate
  • Statement of capital reflecting the new allotment
  • Details of any shares allotted in a currency other than pound sterling particulars of rights attached to shares
  • Signature of the company director or other authorized person
  • *This needs to be submitted to Companies House within one month after the allotment. Information about the new member(s) should be provided to Companies House when the next confirmation statement is due – or before this date, if preferred.

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