Use of eBay and/ or Amazon marketplace

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The benefit for you to use eBay and/or Amazon marketplace to sell your products?

• You will have access to over 180 million potential clients.
• Your Brand will go worldwide.
• Seller and customer protections.
• Feedback features.
• New client acquisition.
• Easy to use.

Go to EBAY website and follow the instruction.
Is an eBay business account free?

You can choose a personal account or a business account but, it's free to create an eBay business account. However, you will have to pay seller fees associated with listing and selling your products.

How do I set up an eBay business account in the UK?

To register as a business, click the 'create a business account' link at the top of the registration. You require a UK postal address or a landline telephone as well as a bank account that allows direct debit instructions. It's also worth setting up a PayPal account if you don't have it already.

How much does an eBay business account cost the UK?

The fee depends on the start price for auction-style listings: 4p for start price less than £5. 8p for start price from £5 to £29.99. 13p for a start price of £30 or more.

Do I need a company license to trade on eBay UK?

There are no special licences that are required for you to trade on eBay. However, eBay rules prohibit the sale of some of the items that would generally require a licence to sell in the UK, for example, alcohol. Therefore, you will need to be registered with eBay as a business seller before you can start trading.

What is the difference between an eBay personal and business account?

Personal accounts are for easy buying and selling on eBay, at the same time as business accounts are an opportunity for sellers who want to sell products that were bought only for resale. Make items and sell them to make a profit.

How much can I sell on eBay without paying tax UK?

HMRC has set up a Trading Allowance that entitles you to earn up to £1,000 in online sales completely tax-free without even informing HMRC. So, if you're raking in a little less than a grand on a yearly basis from eBay, you don't technically have to complete a Self Assessment.

Can I sell items without registering a business UK?

You can trade without a company licence in the UK in several cases, but you need to make sure that you are correctly registered with HMRC.

Do you need a tax ID to sell on eBay?

When you open a business account with eBay, you do not need them to have your tax ID because eBay does not manage financials in any way. The most significant amount of Bay sellers sign up for a Premier account.

Is selling on eBay considered to be self-employed?

Selling products is considered self-employment and described as a business income.


How do I set up an Amazon business account in the UK?
Go to: Amazon Website and follow the instructions.

Is it worth having an Amazon business account?

Those are a few benefits that make it worth it compared to using a personal account. Business pricing is a bit different and helps you to save money. It's also possible to secure significant quantity discounts and tax exemption, where applicable. Business analytics tools are also including to help you track business spending.

How does an Amazon business account work?

Anyone with a business account can buy products via In addition, account-holders get price breaks on multi-unit purchases, general price cuts on millions of business items, and the possibility to compare prices from various sellers.

Can I use my personal Amazon account for business?

If you use the same email as your personal account, you can share Amazon Prime advantages with your business account and employees that use the same account. Or you can get a Prime Business account. You can get free shipping on orders over £35 ($49) without any special membership.

Can I change my Amazon account to a business account?

To switch from a personal account to a business seller account, go to your Amazon settings and choose Account Info. On the Account Info page, you'll see the Business Information section.

How much does an Amazon business account cost?

Amazon Business account is free to create for verified companies and gives many excellent benefits like price discounts, fast delivery options, and analytics reports.

Should I create two separate Amazon account?

Anyone who is a seller is better off having another account for personal shopping, for example, for tax and accounting reasons. So if you're using the Prime account for personal shopping, it is best to create a brand new account and never add the sell on Amazon component to it.

Is it necessary to have a business name to sell on Amazon?

Amazon doesn't require you to register your business, but your local governments may want you to register an online business.

What are the requirements for selling on Amazon?

• You will need the following information to register.
• Your business details.
• Your contact details, email and phone number.
• Basic information about your business.


Tax Registration Details (PAN and GST). Details are necessary if you are listing taxable products and need to be presented at the time of registration.

How do Beginners sell on Amazon?
6 Easy Steps on How to Sell on Amazon for Beginners

• Create a Business Plan.
• Find Your Niche.
• Look for products to sell and suppliers.
• Create your Brand and Amazon FBA Account.
• Prepare and Ship Products to Amazon's Warehouse.
• Create a Product Listing

Do I have to pay for shipping when selling on Amazon?

Amazon pays you a Shipping Credit on every sale to cover your shipping costs if you ship Amazon orders yourself, but there's a catch. The credit which pays the sellers is generally low compared to the shipping rates you pay to ship orders.

What are the charges for sale at Amazon in the UK?

Less than 35 products per month, and you will pay £0.75 per product. For more than 35 items, your fee is £25 per month, excluding VAT. Fulfilment by Amazon services also cost extra.

What percentage does Amazon take in the UK?

They will take 15.3% of the total sales price up to £40.00. and 7.14% for a total sales price higher than £40.00.


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