Change value of shares

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You must tell Companies House about any changes to your company's share structure that you make outside your annual return.


You may need a special resolution to change your company's share structure. This includes if you:
change the number of shares the company has and their total value - this is your 'share capital' (the part of your company's money that comes from shares.)

  • Change how your shares are distributed
  • Cancel any of your shares
  • change ('denominate') your shares into other currencies
  • You must tell Companies House within a month if you issue more shares in your company.
  • * You must report all other changes to your share structure within 21 days.
  • Documents you must provide for a dormant company
    You must include a notice about the change you've made and a statement declaring:
  • the company's total number of shares
  • the full value of those shares
  • how many shares have been paid for or not paid for?
  • This is sometimes known as a 'statement of capital.
  • Your shares may be normal ('ordinary') or have special rights or restrictions.
  • For each type of share your company has, you must declare:
  • the rights that come with it,
  • how many of the shares are issued?
  • their total value before any additional costs are added

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