Change of constitution

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Constitution and articles of association

You will need approval from your shareholders before changing your company’s articles of association for the rules about how your company is running.

This can involve changes to your company’s ‘objectives’ - what your company does as a business.

When you must change your constitution
  • You must change your constitution if:
  • A change in the law means your constitution would be illegal.
  • Ordered by the courts or a regulating authority tells you to change it.
Sending your changes

You must include a copy of the resolution you passed and the new articles of association if you make any adjustments to your company’s constitution.

  • Depending on how you are making the change; you also need to fill in one of the following:
  • Shares could be held by suitable adults, for example, parents or grandparents.
  • A statement of company objects (if your company is changing the objects in its articles).
  • Change of constitution by law(if your change is because of a change in the law).
  • Change of constitution by order of the court or other authority (if your change has been ordered).
  • Send a copy of the resolution, the copy of your new articles and the completed form to Companies House.
  • If a specific enactment makes the change, you must include a copy of the enactment.
  • You must send:

    (A copy of the resolution within 15 days if it is agreed.)

  • A copy of the amended articles of association within 15 days of them taking effect.
  • Any forms within 15 days of the changes.

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