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When you register your company with Future Formations, you become eligible for a free business current account with Barclay's and Lloyds bank. After your company registration process is complete, we will make it easy for you to apply for an existing business account.

Business account: how it works

Once your company is approved and incorporated with Companies House, our team will forward your details via a secure channel to the Bank. The Bank will then call you within two to six working days to meet with your dedicated business manager. During the call, they will brief you about the documents you need to bring to verify your identity.




It is a 'basic' business bank account for UK residents over 18 with the UK registered small Business available to those who may not obtain a high street bank business current account. Their prepaid debit MasterCard comes attached to an existing personal account.


Is it a mobile business bank account that can be managed on the aph3 24/7.
Designed for all small businesses, Mettle is part of NatWest and free to open and operate.
The online Bank has been featured in Reuters, the Financial Times, and Forbes.


It is a digital-only banking app and offers several accounts, including premium options.
It sets itself apart from traditional banks with a focus on technology, low fees, and flexibility.


Very few businesses-to-consumers (B2C) traders can operate successfully without being able to accept card payments.

Future Formations can refer your Business to one of the world's leading merchant accounts. Worldpay works with all business sizes and is a perfect choice for small businesses looking to take business payments easily, quickly, and securely.

*This offer is only available to UK residents. Non-UK residents cannot take advantage of this bank account offer, which means you must contact the Bank yourself.


TransferWise (Lives without borders)

TransferWise for Business is a free, online multi-currency account.
It lets you make payments, get paid, and spend money worldwide with the real exchange rate.

You can also use it to pay invoices, buy inventory, and handle payroll in over 70 countries.
You can even apply for an international account online.

Barclays, Lloyds, HSBC, and NatWest all offer international bank accounts for certain countries.

If you would like more information, please contact our customer engagement team who would be delighted to assist you further.

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