Authentication Code

  Companies House Authentication Code

A company’s authentication code contains six alphanumeric characters and is issued to all newly registered companies by Companies House.
It is often referred to as a Web Filing authentication code or a company PIN.

The authentication code is a company’s electronic signature, which you will need to provide when you file documents electronically or make any amendments to your company’s details online.
It is impossible to make any electronic or online changes without a company authentication code

  • When will I receive my company authentication code?
  • As soon as Companies House has registered your company.
    If you register your company directly with Companies House, they will send your authentication to you by post.
    Companies House advises that it usually takes up to 5 days from the date of incorporation to receive this letter.
  • How do I request my Auth code from Companies House?
  • If you do not know your authentication code you can order your code from the
  • Where can I find my authentication code?
  • If you form your company with Future Formations you will have access to your auth code the moment your company has been formed.
    You can view this by logging into your online Portal area and your authentication code with be visible in the ‘Company Overview’ area.

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