Apostille document

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What is an Apostille document?

An apostille is an official certificate that legalises official and copied documents in states (countries) that accept the apostille stamp. It is often the case that documents will require apostilles when moving into a particular state for employment purposes. Once a document has gained an apostille certificate, these documents are then legal for use and are accepted in these states without requiring any further legalisation.

Who will ask for Apostilled documents?

Since the convention came into place on the 5th October 1961, the Apostilles use in different states has continually grown, and there are now over 100 member states who accept the apostille certificate. Even countries that are not signed up to the Hague Convention will still ask for one.

*When opening a business bank account overseas, you may require the Apostille for the following documents: Certificate of Incorporation. Memorandum & Articles of Association. Board resolutions.

A document that can be apostilled:

1. Memorandum and Articles of Association

2. Certificate of Incorporation

3. Share Certificates

4. Certificate of Good Standing  

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