Add or remove a Director

Director image

A company director can be appointed during company formation and at any time after that.

Likewise, directors can resign or be removed at any point after incorporation, providing such actions are approved by the members or existing directors and are in line with provisions in the Companies Act 2006, the articles of association, and any shareholders' agreement and director's service contract.

Limited companies must always have a minimum of one director. If a sole director resigns from the company, the new director must be appointed before or at the same time as the removal.

After incorporation, director appointments need to be carried out using a formal process. For this, the director should sign a letter of consent confirming they wish to act as director for the company.

The majority of members must approve the appointment of a new company director by passing an ordinary resolution. In many companies, the appointment of a director can also be approved by the existing board of directors.


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