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Apostille Document x 1 £83.33 +VAT
Apostille Document x 2 £148.50 +VAT
Apostille Document x 3 £198.00 +VAT
Certificate of Good Standing £25.00 +VAT
Company Seal £25.00 +VAT
Printed Share Certificate £10.00 +VAT
Printed Certificate of Incorporation £10.00 +VAT
Printed Minutes £10.00 +VAT
Printed Memorandum & Articles £10.00 +VAT
Printed & Bound Sets £33.33 +VAT
Company Register £33.33 +VAT
Virtual Address Confirmation Certificate £20.83 +VAT
Transfer of Shares £88.00 +VAT
Issue of Shares £80.00 +VAT
Change Volume of Shares £80.00 +VAT
Director Management £20.00 +VAT
Company Name Change £20.00 +VAT
Company Address Change £12.50 +VAT
Confirmation Statement £33.33 +VAT
Dormant Account £80.00 +VAT
Company Dissolution £55.00 +VAT
VAT Registration £41.67 +VAT
SAIL Address £33.33 +VAT
International Courier Service for Documents £45.83 +VAT

Apostille Documents

An Apostille document is an official certificate issued by the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The actual certificate is a piece of paper approximately 15cms square and it's permanently glued to the original or a copy of the document that needs to be certified. An embossing mechanism, often called the apostille seal or stamp, embosses the document with a government crest to verify it is legitimate and allowing it to be accepted in one of the other countries that have signed the 1961 Hague Convention. You can buy 1 to 3 Apostille documents.

Documents that can be Apostilled:

1 Apostille - £83.33 +VAT

2 Apostille - £148.50 +VAT

3 Apostille - £198.00 +VAT


Certificate of Goods Standing (COGS) - £25.00 +VAT

A Certificate of Good Standing is used to prove that a company has been fully incorporated and authorised to undertake business activity in a particular state.  The certificate is issued by Companies House and sent by post to the company’s Registered Office Address.


Company Seal - £25.00 +VAT

Company seal, sometimes also called a corporate seal or common seal, is a device for embossing company’s name and usually company’s registered number onto documents.

A sealed document typically has a legal force, both in UK and overseas.


Printed Share Certificate - £10.00 +VAT

A Share Certificate is an official document issued by any limited company to every shareholder within the company.

It's a shareholder's legal proof of ownership of a certain number of shares, the value of those shares, and the type of shares owned in the company.


Printed Certificate of Incorporation - £10.00 +VAT

A Certificate of Incorporation is issued by Companies House to certify that a limited company or LLP has been lawfully registered in the UK in accordance with the Companies Act 2006 of the LLP Act 2000.

Printed Memorandum & Article - £10.00 +VAT

Under Companies Act 2006 Memorandum & Articles of Association are required when forming company in the UK. In short, the memorandum tells you how the company was set along with all the names of the initial shareholders, and the Articles of Association are set of rules of how the company is run, governed and owned by the members.


Bonded Print Set - £33.33 +VAT

Bond paper is a high-quality, durable writing paper similar to bank paper but having a weight greater than 50 g/m2. It is now used for letterheads and other stationery, as well as paper for electronic printers.


Company Register - £33.33 +VAT

Limited companies are legally required to maintain a register that contains specific information. This register is a high quality combined loose-leaf register.


Virtual Address Confirmation Certificate - £20.83 +VAT

An address proof letter, as the name itself suggests, is a legal document issued as proof of address for your company.


Transfer of Shares - £88.00 +VAT

The transfer of company shares process is when a limited company shareholder sells or gifts their shares to someone else. The recipient of these shares may be a new or existing shareholder. It is a general procedure that arises for various reasons, such as; the company needs to raise additional investment.


Issue of Shares - £80.00 +VAT

The share issue is when companies pass on new shares to the shareholders, who may be new or existing shareholders. The company will generally issue shares at the start of the incorporation, and some companies will issue more shares later on.


Change value of Shares - £80.00 +VAT

You cannot change the number of shares in your company, but you can change the amount (price) of your share with an update of a Confirmation Statement on Companies House.


Director Management - £20.00 +VAT

If you need, you can change all the directors or secretaries and PSC information (person of significant control) on Companies House.


Company Name Change - £20.00 +VAT

You might change your brand or your company name; your company name might not catch the eye of your potential customers; you need to apply to change this on Companies house.


Company Address Change - £12.50 +VAT

When changing your company official address to another one, you need to update the details on Companies House as well. 


Confirmation Statement - £33.33 +VAT

Confirmation Statement, previously known as the Annual Return, is a report containing accurate and up-to-date information about a limited or limited by liability company. Confirmation Statement must be filed to Companies House every year and you can face penalties when it is overdue.


Dormant Account - £80.00 +VAT

Your company or association may be 'dormant' if it is not doing business ('trading') and doesn' have any other income, for example, investments. Dormant means different things for Corporation Tax and Company Tax Returns, annual accounts, and returns for Companies House if you have a limited company.


Company Dissolution - £55.00 +VAT

Dissolving a company, which is also known as 'dissolution' or 'striking off,' is a way of closing down a company by removing its name from the official register held at Companies House. Once the name is removed from the register, the company no longer legally exists.


VAT Registration - £41.67 +VAT

You must register your business for VAT with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), if its annual VAT taxable turnover is more than £85,000. When you register your company, you will receive a VAT number that you will need to submit your first VAT Return and payment.


Sail Address - £33.33 +VAT

SAIL address is a Single Alternative Inspection Location address, where a registered company or an LLP company can keep statutory records and ensure that they are available for public inspection. The SAIL is not compulsory, but any business that is registered in the UK, must have SAIL address in the UK as well.


International Courier Service For Documents - £45.83 +VAT

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